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Magnitude Construction is Bali’s leading property development company, providing luxurious, high-performance turnkey investment properties on the island. Founded in 2017, our company’s established network of more than 3000 professionals has successfully signed over 500 projects across Ubud, Canggu, Seminyak, Sanur, and Bukit to satisfied clients.

We provide A-Z, personalized services across the board, from designing your dream villas in Bali, building and furnishing to legally listing and managing your investment property to achieve high ROI. Our villas are known for their quality, beauty, and sophistication, following Magnitude’s French brand identity and Balinese renowned charm. This has since translated into worldwide acknowledgment, with our finished projects mentioned across international media such as Forbes, Capital Magazine, and TF1.

Who are we ?

Let our experienced team assist you in making your dream project a reality. Whether it's for a family, personal, professional, or investment project, Bali gives you the opportunity to have your slice of paradise.

Investing in Bali can be a smart choice for you to grow your portfolio, with a market that represents a strong and steady demand thanks to Bali's popularity amongst international travelers and its remarkable economic growth. While the EU's GDP stagnates, Bali benefits from Indonesia's impressive growth - being the largest economy in Southeast Asia and the 7th largest in the world based on purchasing power parity. In 2050, Indonesia is projected to be the world's fourth-largest economy.

Meanwhile, investors in Bali also gain from the increase in property value over time. While the real estate market does have its ups and downs, historically, the island has always had a steady appreciation. In recent years, average sales prices for properties in Bali have continued to increase, with the graph for sales prices always seemingly finding a new peak. We believe that the best time to invest in Bali is now.

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Co - Manager

CEO & Partner


Operational Director


Associated Sales Partner
Commercial Assistant

Communication & Customer Support

Head of Communication and Customer Support Department
Maxime Gorecki
Communication Manager
Gloria Pasau Tandi Payuk
Legal and Administration Manager
I Putu Krisna Nata
Anak Agung Istri Sintya Juwita Dewi
Legal and Administration Officer
Kadek Ayu Ratih Indraswari
Legal and Administration Officer
Gusti Ayu Vedha Ruzira Santacyacitta
Legal and Administration Officer

Information & Technology

Abdelilah BLALI
Abdelilah BLALI
Head of Information & Technology Department
Kadek Indah Melanie Dewi
Assistant & Developer


Lucas Antonie ‘t Lam
Head of Land Department
Oceane Metais
Putu Agus Darmayasa
Assistant Land
Ni Wayan Meta Anggarimas
Land Administrator
Ni Putu Ade Nur Herdiani
Public Relation Administrator

Accounting & Financial

Fauziah Saesaria Alindra
Head of Accounting and Financial Department
Edwin Lubis
Tax Manager
Ni Made Santhi Rosmalina
Accounting Supervisor
Ni Putu Okarini
Tax Officier
Gusti Ayu Putu Puspitadewi
Accounting Officer
Anak Agung Mas Prabha Iswara
Accounting Officer
Ni Pande Kadek Ayuniari
Accounting Officer
Ni Made Ayu Windika Sarawati
Accounting Officer
Dewa Nyoman Ari Merta Edi
Accounting Officer


Djime Tandia
Head of Architecture Department
I Gusti Agung Gede Angga Kepakisan
Drafter Engineer Manager
I Gede Indra Jaya Pinia
I Gede Mahendra Ananda Wiguna
I Kadek Harry Surya Jaya
Dedy Reynaldi Leo Lodo
I Gede Andy Kharismayadhi
Jody Riski Setiadi
I Made Prem Hari Kwicandra
I Ketut Darma Kusuma Artha
Architect Landscape
Ni Luh Putu Arya Yunita Mahayani
Architect Landscape
I Gede Agus Adisastra Prabawa
Construction Drafter Supervisor
I Gusti Ngurah Putra Nara Krishna
Construction Drafter
Gusti Agung Bagus Alvin Ade Kusuma
Construction Drafter
Surya Subagya
Construction Drafter
Putu Andrean Wiranata
MEP Drafter
Ide Egy Yodanta
MEP Drafter
I Wayan Dede Kisnan Sikiantara
Structure Engineer


Oka Mahendra
Head of Construction Department
Gede Agus Hendrawan
Project Manager
I Putu Gede Jayapurnatha
Project Manager
Gede Jaga Tri Wibawa
Project Manager
Putu Eka Pratama Wartana
Project Manager
Dwi Yoga Pratama
MEP Manager
I Made Tusan Wisastra
Maintenance Manager
Nyoman Ngurah Sumerta
MEP Quality Control Supervisor
Ni Putu Manik Tirta Ayu T
Finishing Manager
I Komang Gede Trisna Dwipayana
Site Manager
I Wayan Ari Krisnantara
Site Manager
Siti Sri Milarsih
Project Administration
Dewa Made Baskara Puruhita Wija
MEP Site Officer
Rolland Pierce
MEP Site Officer
I Putu Gede Pratama Wicaksana Dastradi
Finishing Engineer
Komang Tika Dewi
Land Preparation Team
I Komang Pradipta Santosa
Finishing Engineer
I Made Eriek De Sona
Finishing Engineer
I Made Ardiasa
Priority Project Civil
Kadek Vivi Septiarini
Priority Project Coordinator


Fanny Paulina
Project Modification Manager
Ida Bagus Made Indra Pradika
Purchasing Manager
I Wayan Agus Edy Pratama
Project Procurement Manager
Yohana Tesalonika Prasetya
Warehouse Supervisor
Ni Putu Ratna Wijaya
Additional Officer
Ni Kadek Meikrisyanti
Purchasing Administrator
Ni Nyoman Winantri
Project Procurement Officer
Ni Nyoman Sri Widiantari
Project Procurement Officer
Ida Bagus Bayu Yogananda Pramudya
Project Procurement Officer
Kadek Widi Antara
Project Procurement Officer
I Nyoman Julyantara
Project Procurement Officer

Human Ressources & GA

Ni Putu Aprita
Head of Human Ressource and GA Department

Ni Luh Kade Widiastari
Front Office
Ni Wayan Wiwin Pratiwi Putri
Front Office
Agus Satriyono
I Wayan Sugianto
Putu Heri Suryana

Et plus de 300 techniciens sur le terrain pour assurer la réalisation de vos projets !