Leboulaire. M

After months of friendly discussions with Yann and Paul, we went to Bali to refine the latest designs.
Séverine, the architect, is particularly patient, very professional and gives very good advice.
We visited different construction sites and the work carried out by Magnitude Construction on other villas lived up to our expectations.
Their latest constructions are sublime, each one more beautiful than the other, each with incredible views.

The staff is also very cheerful and welcoming. In summary: a great team and quality work from start to finish.

Vanderhaegen .K

We had never seen the land or the villa during the construction phase. Thanks to the excellent communication channels (Whatsapp, the monprojetbali.com platform, Zoom) we had great confidence in the professionalism of the Magnitude team in all facets of the project. Even remotely, we were able to control the construction and experience an open and flexible approach.
When we first arrived at the villa, we were very emotional because the villa was beyond our expectations. We were overwhelmed by its beauty, the location and the level of detail.
From the day of delivery, reservations came in very quickly, with an occupancy rate of almost 90% during the first months.

Looking at future bookings, we believe the promised ROI will be realized, making it the most profitable of all our investments.

Maarouf .F

Hello, I thank the entire Magnitude Construction team for supporting my project.
I was able to see a dynamic and professional team on site, attentive and caring.
From my arrival at the airport, upon visiting the grounds as well as several villas, I was very well guided.
Regarding the administrative part it also went very well.

I thank Nicolas, Paul, Yann as well as the entire team for their valuable advice and their presence during my stay.


"Magnitude Construction is a turnkey villa construction company. Thanks to the professionalism of Nicolas and the attentiveness of his architects, we were able to carry out our project remotely, and with complete confidence. Rigorous monitoring from the choice of land until 'on delivery, and they also manage the rental part by showcasing your property.

We have just had our villa delivered, and the result is breathtaking. I recommend!”

Eric. A

I am proud to be one of Magnitude’s very first customers. Proud of the quality of the work, the seriousness of the model, the unparalleled relationships and the reality of the benefits.

Investing always involves some risk. As an entrepreneur, the most important thing for me in all the investments I have made is trust, based both on intuition and facts.
Concretely, I started with Nicolas at the very beginning, there were no achievements yet. After choosing a very beautiful plot of land following their advice, I was able to follow the progress of my superb 6-bedroom villa, thanks to dedicated monthly monitoring. After a year, the deadlines were met and the rental management department implemented its well-established rental strategy. And the results are there: profitability beyond my forecasts. And now I'm not going to stop there :-)

If you have a project, then don't delay, meet them and you will see for yourself.

Kamal. B

We were not looking to invest in real estate, and even less so far away; but after hearing about this type of project, we became interested in the subject and were seduced by this dream destination.

We had the chance to be introduced to the founders of Magnitude, and were able to note their seriousness and their knowledge of this environment; strong in their contacts and their full immersion, since living there.

Once the land was found, the choice of villa was made, and the project was launched, the implementation was easy thanks to at their construction site monitoring site.

They were present at every stage, and advised us in the choice of equipment so that it best corresponds to our identity; which we greatly appreciated. And now that the villa is finished, its management is done in a very professional manner, with a quarterly report which allows us to have a regular and transparent view; proof of the seriousness of this promising, family-sized company.

I recommend Magnitude Construction with complete confidence, and even plan to make another investment as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your personalized support.

Denis. L

I discovered Magnitude Construction through a friend who had a villa under construction at the end of 2018.

Thanks to their knowledge of the rental market in Bali, we settled on a project of a 6 bedroom villa. All acquisition and construction formalities have been taken care of by Magnitude without having to go on site: purchase-lease of the land, registration fees, construction monitoring... until the delivery of my magnificent paradise villa, respecting the financial commitments announced.

In summary, Magnitude Construction is a very serious service provider with great reliability.
I will not hesitate to use their services again in the future.

Benoit & Dorothée P

We had the opportunity to invest with Magnitude in the first.

After a trip to Bali, the professionalism, the feeling of being well guided through information Claires convinced us to invest in Nicolas’s project.

The villas were built on schedule, we were able to follow the progress simply and always a contact person available.

The villas are magnificent and attractive. We are now making exceptional profits.

We recommend and are fully satisfied with having trusted Magnitude Construction!


I am the first investor and I am delighted both by the quality and monitoring of the construction and now for the very rigorous rental management part.

The rental return exceeded my expectations.

I decided to trust them again by having a second project carried out. Their local knowledge is an undeniable asset.

I wish them all the success they deserve.

Fred B

In 2019 I went to Ubud to meet Nicolas, at that time there was only one villa completed and I was seduced by the environment and the design of this house.

We are three friends who have embarked on this great adventure with Magnitude Construction. They accompanied us from A to Z. From choosing the land to creating the plans for the villa. What’s great is that you can personalize it endlessly!

Between the choice of land and the delivery of the villa a year passed and throughout this period we received photos to follow the construction site remotely.

Today the villa is ready for use and we are convinced that it will delight our future customers.

We expect a return well above expectations.

We recommend without hesitation the Magnitude Construction team for their seriousness and professionalism!

Chris .C

Having been searching to invest in SE Asia for over 4 years, I was just about settled on purchasing a readymade villa for rent. That evening, while walking back through Ubud, I pondered a moment outside the Magnitude office window, wondering what they offered.

Upon entering I was greeted by friendly and knowledgeable staff who listened to my wants and needs. A friendly and professional relationship was soon established. While not pushed in any way by the Magnitude team, I was given plenty of opportunities to look at land, meet architects and discuss with designers. After meeting with my family, we soon agreed this is the approach that we liked, and decided to work with Magnitude in developing our own Villa. All within my own set budget.

Before meeting Yann at Magnitude, the process of investing in Bali seemed full of difficulties and complexities. A bit daunting really. Yan instilled me and more importantly, my family, with confidence. The whole investment process was explained and I was reassured that everything would be smooth and legal. It was.

We are now very proud owners of a fantastic Villa, completed from the start right through to taking ownership, by Magnitude. I am already planning the next one!

Thank you very much for making our investment smooth, comfortable and hassle free.


I invested with Magnitude Construction a little over a year ago with two friends when the company had not yet fully developed its business as it does today.

What made me take the plunge was the seriousness and professionalism of Nicolas whom I met while visiting their premises.
Everything is in place so that we can remotely monitor the progress of the work through photos sent at each stage of construction.

We were also very well supported in the choice of land, the planning of the villa with their team of architects who were always attentive and all the administrative part.

The profitability of the villa exceeds our forecasts, we are very happy to have dared....

I recommend magnitude construction